I’ve been a Ham for a little while. Since 1975 but built my first crystal radio as a little kid of age 9 back in 1961. Earned my W.A.S. as a Novice in 1975-1976. Earned my W.A.T. that first night I got on the air. W.A.T. = worked all televisions :(. Got serious about chasing DX in 2006. My DXCC came in the mail as of April 2008! Right now I have  over 125 mixed. Hurray! Now I want to do a QRP Worked All States. 

Home QTH is Yaesu FT-2000, Yaesu FL-2100 amp., Antennas are Force-12 C3SS on a MA-40 Crankup/tiltover 40′ tower. OCF Dipole for 80 through 10. I just put up a 30m sloper. 2m/440 vertical by Diamond for local repeaters, etc.. I also have several portable antennas for camping such as BuddiPoles, Verticals and wire antennas. I operate many modes including CW, SSB, FM and PSK31. CW is my favorite because when all else fails, CW will get through.

Although I have an amplifier that will dim the lights in the room when I transmit, my first love is building simple QRP transceivers such as the Rockmite, items from Norcal and Wilderness Radio. I have a complete BuddiPole system from Bud Drummand including a few antenna pieces I came up with. Simpler yet, a 27′ wire hurled into a tree and a long wire tuner built inside an Altoids Tin. The simpler the better. I am totally amazed that I can make DX contacts with one watt of power and a length of wire hanging in a tree.

My other love is photography. I have several Nikon cameras, my latest acquisition is a Nikon D750. See some of my photographs at my Photography page.

See ya’ll in the pileups! GUD DX!

73 de Jerry KD5OM