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Service Panel Repair Page 2

Here is the new diverter valve, elbows and steel reinforced supply line going to the pressure side of the Bath Room plumbing via a pipe protruding throught the floor. The Fresh Water side was not
damaged from the freeze but I did buy some of that slip over foam insulation for safety sake.
Including in all this work I stuffed a great deal of pink fiberglass insulation behind all of the plumbing behind the service panel.

This is where the pipe protruding through the floor is located. After cutting off the bad connector. I only had about an inch of plastic pipe to work with. The brass item you see is something new to me, a Shark Bite Connector. I still don't see how that Shark Bite holds and doesn't leak. I had it under pressure for over a week and not a drop came out. You just clean the end of the plastic pipe removing any burrs and simply slip it over and walla! Done. No tightening down and no glue. It is very hard getting even my cell phone camera in there to take a photo. Believe me. There is a 1/2" dia. by 1" long PEX protruding through the floor into the basement. The steel reinforced hose goes to the right side of the diverter valve then to the Shark Bite Connector. The box just behind the service panel you see is the black water tank. The two white hoses go to the outside shower.

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