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Service Panel Repair

In October 2017 we were spending a few nights at Ruby's RV Park in Bryce Canyon and the first night the temperature fell to 14 degrees. Totally unexpected and not planned for. The next morning we awoke to a busted water pump and water leaking from underneath the service panel. I replaced the water pump. The water leaking from the service panel is a different story. It wasn't terribly bad. I just left an embarrassing puddle where ever we camped and as long as water pressure was on the diverter valve, which was all the time.

After finishing our road trip, I tore into the back of the service panel.
Right now let me tell you this is not a job for the mechanically not abled.

If you cannot understand the concept of "lefty loosy righty tighty",

This is the original Diverter Valve, PVC 90 degree elbows and plumbing connections. On the left side is the line going to the Fresh Water Tank. It survived the freeze. On the right is the line going to the pressure side of the water supply via a plastic pipe coming through the floor into the "Basement". The elbows were spraying water when I pulled this out to look at it. Also, where the supply line connected to the pressure side plastic pipe that passed through to the inside of the RV right below to toilet was leaking.

I pulled the old diverter valve out along with the elbows. I figured since I was this far into it I might as well replace the diverter valve although it wasn't leaking. Also new brass 90 degree elbows. I liked the New Diverter Valve because it had two mounting screw holes where the old one was sort of Jerry Rigged into position on the service panel. I didn't like that. Included in the picture is one of the Tank Heater Pads that I am going to install and the Automatic Electric Heat Cable to prevent the service panel from freezing in the future.

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